Did Buddha walk immediately after his birth?

Perhaps he did!!




On the topic, this may be of interest:

“The model predicted the timing of walking onset in humans with high accuracy, showing that this milestone in human motor development occurs no later than expected given the mass of the adult human brain, which in turn reflects the duration of its ontogenetic development. The timing of motor development appears to be highly conserved in mammalian evolution as the ancestors of some of the species in the sample presented here diverged in phylogenesis as long as 100 million years ago. Fundamental patterns of early human life history may therefore have evolved before the evolution of primates.”


Actually not an outlier at all.

Babies have the walking reflex, which is well known (or so not - I guess it’s all depending on causes and conditions :smile:) .

I witnessed that with one of my two daughter if not just both of them (I can’t remember so I go with the safe assumption), albeit not to any length.

Note that there’s a (huuuuuuge) difference between activating muscles to take steps and holding a body up and walking.