Did Sunakkhatta bihkkhu eventually attain Arahant Hood at last?

Im reading DN.24 Pāthikasuttaṃ, and found this “interesting” student of the buddha who are not believing in his teacher’s (Buddha) words. But I’m curious on why did the buddha said “Though I spoke to Sunakkhatta like this, he still left this teaching and training, like someone on the highway to hell”. Is it means that Sunnakkhata Bhikkhu will re-born in hell due to leaving the Sangha comunity ? Or because the incorrecect view which Sunnakkhata Bhinkku up-holding, therefore this incorrect view will make him re-born in hell :thinking:? And also have Sunakkhatta bihkkhu eventually attained Arahant Hood at last or leave the Sangha comunnity, any Sutta can introduce? Thanks! :grin:

It looks like the Dictionary of Pali Proper Names entry for Sunakkhatta on SuttaCentral is complete (some entries are stripped down from the original). It doesn’t mention anything about future attainments. Usually it will include information like that if it exists in the commentaries.

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The full DPPN entry is here:


It doesn’t mention any redemption arc, which usually means that none is found in the Pali sources. Perhaps other traditions might contain such an account, but I haven’t seen any such.

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Bhante I have notice that the word “Like” using in this sentence, and the Original Pali have using the word “yathā”:[adv.] as; like ; in relation to; according to; in whatever way; just as. Would it means this could be a metaphor that his departure will bring great loss and distress to him? Or really will re-born in hell? Because I can’t find the sentence stated he had re-born in hell yet… :thinking: Thank you Bhante! Sadhu Sadhu

Indeed, the text is ambiguous. It could mean he left as if he were going to hell, or that he left as being one who is going to hell.

It’s only rarely that the suttas speak of someone going to hell, so I’d assume the metaphorical sense is more likely.

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