Different or uncommon interests/hobbies you have

Thought this would be a fun thread to start for what feels like a Monday even though it isn’t. Well maybe different or uncommon per Browns fans per say. Some of mine

Madonna- I thought she was a sex symbol growing up and liked most her 80s’/90’s songs/albums/videos. Some songs presently/ since then as well. Belong to a fan forum where one of my best friends that I talk to almost daily about everything is a huge fan since even before she got popular.

Curious George- had the books when i was a kid. Loved them. Watched all the old VHS specials. Even if I see the cartoon on TV today i might stop and watch. And besides there’s nothing on anway usually.

Anything model train related. I’ll go to a museum just for that on its own.

I like studying the Early Buddhist Texts and I’m trying to get into learning Pali. Not many of my friends share the interest of reading religious texts and philosophies or learn dead liturgical languages because it sounds fun. :wink:


I love my neighbor’s doggie. Neighbor does the bathing, feeding and walking, i do everything else.


I like as many of my waking hours as possible to be focused on Buddhism.

I have a few little personal missions/hobbies though that are a tad idiosyncratic.

One is finding ways to cut back on single-use/disposable plastics. Not just the obvious stuff, like not using disposable plates and things…

…really ransacking the bin to work out what I could do better. Even though I can’t do 100% reduction, I want to try to do what I can.

The next thing I am trying is to use baking powder (from cardboard box) in place of dishwashing liquid (in plastic bottle) (haven’t tried it yet).


I have a similar hobby/pastime/interest, figuring out how to reduce the number of different cleaning/household/hygiene products I use… currently tinkering with just one soap for body, hair, dishes, laundry, cleaning floors, etc.


Cool! I tried that too, I had a period with just the liquid Castille soap (in lay life). I even brushed my teeth with it.

Not sure I would do it again though.

…so maybe we are not so alone.


Picking up plastics in natural environments ( I’m an avid hiker and live near a ravine). It’s become a habit rather than a hobby, and I’m happy it has.
Yes, I end up travelling with a garbage bag ( I actually find plenty of bags I can use) and it gets full every trip sadly…sigh…

you aren’t :relaxed:
I make my own creams and scrubs from scratch :grin: Shiakkai , aritha ( soap nuts) powders etc and ground gram flour for body scrubs are traditionally used, and I still do. ( as long as u don’t overdo it, the plumbing should be fine :blush:)

Bentonite clay for teeth reduces the number of tubes of toothpaste immensely btw :grin:


Glad to know there are others, I contemplated if that was a bit too odd for me to share! :relaxed:

I love bentonite clay but never occurred to me to brush my teeth with it! Do you use it in combination with toothpaste or just on its own?

I’ve been hoping to get down to only one kind of Castile soap, but with the hard water where I was just living it was tricky… I don’t technically brush my teeth with it although I brush my night guard with it so I’m acclimating to the taste. Not sure I’ll do the one soap for everything long term, but it’s nice to know it’s possible and not really all that awful. :relaxed:


I play video games sometimes. Been the same since I was a kid. It’s like a mini-Samsara, that is just a playful representation of some life. Sometimes I find meaning in them, and apply it to real life. I also like conversing about Buddhism in multiplayer games. Hey, I could easily go without, and have for many years at a time during serious Spiritual Practice, but it’s just this mellow thing that I do. Oh well. I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while I’m playing.


I like reading literature, watching YouTube videos on Dhamma and religions and people leaving all kinds of of cults, and some documentaries and YouTubers commenting on international politics. Some times I also listen to audio books.

Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum and it’s my first time posting here. :slight_smile:

I love programming, and my lockdown project has been to learn how to use D3 which is a library that people use for data visualisation.

I’ve been sharing an artwork I created using this library with a few people, I’d like to share it here with you all as well.

Open it on a computer, your phone won’t have enough processing power to render the whole thing.

I have a few ideas on potential Buddhism-related uses of D3, if you liked this artwork then stay tuned! :pray:t4:


I substituted my nicotine habit with hot peppers. So now I have a hobby of making my own hot sauces. :sneezing_face::fire::ghost: