Dīghanikāyo samatto

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The words in the title probably mean little to you. But they mean a lot to me!

It was nearly three years ago that I conceived the plan—the crazy, ambitious, impossible plan—to create an entirely new translation of the 4 main Nikayas. Countless people believed, for some reason, that this was not a doomed folly, and offered their support.

Of all those, I want to make a special mention of my dear friend and loyal supporter, Dustin. He and his family have supported me here at Qimei, not asking for anything, and helping me with anything I needed.

Almost every day, I have worked, a little at a time, trying to serve the Buddha’s word to the best of my very limited ability. I have no secrets, no special methods, just patience and persistence.

And today I am very proud to announce that I’ve completed these four Nikayas. The words in the title, signifying that the Long Discourses are complete, were the last words to translate. I feel so blessed and grateful to have had this chance, and hope my work will help bring the light of Dhamma to this benighted world.

There is still a long road ahead before the texts are ready to be published. Now begins the task of proofreading and correcting. I hope to be ready to publish early next year. :pray:


No, it just means “finished”.


Which makes complete sense now that I look at it.

I deleted my comment, because it seemed to detract from the post, and because the mistake in it was rather silly in hindsight, but it now looks like you are responding to no one. So I don’t think I did a good job of navigating the internet this morning. Apologies, Venerable.

Congratulations though!


Very happy to hear this! :mindblown:



This is such a monumental achievement. Sādhu anumodana.

It’s astonishing that you’ve been able to do it in three years venerable.

Congratulations for this significant achievement and contribution to the world of both Dhamma practice and Pāli literature. I personally thank you for it. And I’m really glad to have arrived here just in time to witness this festive event and share this moment with you. :anjal:


Thanks for your noble intention and effort. This will be a great benefit for people like me who does not know much Pali and rely solely from online English materials.


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

I’m looking forward to reading your work…I’m sure it’s going to be just lovely.

I think this is a good opportunity to say to you Bhante, that I, and many others, including some who’ve known you for long time, think that you’re a lovely monk; virtuous, good intentioned, kind, humourous, humble, funny, clever, diligent, hard working, persistent and generally pretty nice really. Good luck for the rest of the journey with this amazing project!


Hey bhante , Sadhu to the noble , marvelous , amazing , incredible task being completed ! Rejoice !
May the Dhamma Flourish unceasingly !
May you have a good health and wonderful life ahead ! Rejoice !
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu !


Amazing! I am inspired to engage in more Sutta study and to put the Dhamma into practice. Thank you Bhante, your work is very much appreciated.


What wonderful news!! :smiley:


sadhu sadhu sadhu bhante!


Sadhu sadhu sadhu bhante!
I am very fortunate to witness a history making venture.


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Anumodana! :anjal:


Do you have a repo containing the current translations, Ven ? People can read them and spot little things like typos or punctuation errors etc. Crowdsourcing can be useful…


One thing at a time. I have a lot of work on my end first.


Ok. Looking forward to the translations !


How wonderful - rejoicing! Thank you for this tremendous work! <3


Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu! Anumodana! It’s too bad you just missed “Friendship Day” because this is one of the most friendly tasks one could accomplish for the benefit of all living beings! You are truly a friend to the world!



BIG Anumodana!

You are an inspiration!



Dear Bhante,
I read the news when it was posted on a group on Facebook and so I finally joined Sutta Central to congratulate and thank you on your meritorious act of service.