Dīghanikāyo samatto

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You are so right. I’m just old fashion.


Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu




So when do copies start appearing ‘everywhere’? I want to book into dinjee and dank or boring and air-less hotel rooms and find copies in the draw next to the bed. Along with the Gideon’s Bible so I can make comparisons! xo


I would like to see (and read) Your work on Sangiti-sutta with commentary and subcommentary. Please supply details on how to access it. Thanks in advance! ()


Do you think it would be helpful, if he did?..
Enlightenment is of such a nature, that it goes unnoticed, unless you open your heart to the language of silence.


This appears to have passed my by until now. This is what happens when I go offline for 2 months!

May I add to the great mass of sadhus!

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhuuu!


I am so excited to get a copy of this.


The translation is still ongoing.
It doesn’t get done over night.
When done it will be nearly 300 pages.
Thanks for your interest.
People will know when it is completed.
Right now, I am about 1/3+ completed…


At size-19 font (working-document), I am on page 266 of 587, but reduce that by almost half, for size-12 font. I’m over 1/3 finished… it’s hard of course, only a few pages can be done everyday. Words need double-checked, etc… It’s getting done, I’m on it FULL TIME… and funding is of course welcomed, since I am in between jobs now… -but the work is moving along comfortably. I just received a “sponsor” at my home today, and updated him on the project.


Thanks for the update, Dion, I look forward to reading it when it’s ready.


Sooooooo cool! I have so much appreciation for that feature @sujato. Thank you sooo much, I am sure this will give huge benefit to so many people. And also presumably massively encourage the study of Pāli language!


Any plans for publication?


Not at the moment. The notes are very scrappy and need heavy editing by someone who knows what they’re doing. Unless someone wants to volunteer, it’ll be a while before I get around to it.