DigitalOcean Volumes: Solution to forum disk space woes

The Discourse forum is approaching the storage limits of our digitalocean vps (currently 30GB) due to attachments like audio and video. Happily, DO has released a new feature called “Volumes”, which is extra disk space you can attach to a droplet. The basic pricing is 10GB for 1$/mo and you can use arbitrary volume sizes. Since upgrading the droplet to a higher plan only gives you 10GB for $10/mo this is much cheaper bulk storage. The timing is impeccable since we just hit 100% disk usage, although I did just free up 6GB by deleting a backup.

Right now the volumes feature isn’t available at all DO server centers, including SGP (Singapore server - where our server is currently hosted). I am thinking of migrating the droplet to a North American location, probably SF, both to make the volumes feature available immediately, and also because it will give better performance for the majority of our users whom are overwhelmingly from the USA.

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Sounds good. Fine by me.

Fine, please go ahead. Thanks for keeping on top of this.

Okay the migration has now been done, and discourse’s data is now stored on a volume. It should be almost trivial to increase the size of the volume if/when we need to.