Disappearing posts

Recently the Discourse forum has been updated with the latest version of Discourse. You might have noticed that the heart-like-button has changed form.

Another thing that seems to be happening is that if you scroll through posts, they sometimes just disappear, leaving a blank space. Now I doubt I’m the only one here but if this happens to you too, can you please let me know which theme your are using? (Find the theme name in your Preferences under Interface)

  • SC Material Design Theme
  • SC Legacy Theme
  • SC Material Design Theme Dark

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I opened a bug-report at meta for this.

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Yes, I’ve just seen that – a newly added reply post doesn’t appear after “Reply” executed; only shows up on reloading the frame.

How to tell what “theme” one is using? (I haven’t consciously selected anything.)

Perhaps also because of the new version, now I see the “Log-in” and “Sign-up” buttons clearly displayed at top-right. Until recently there were partially or wholly invisible buttons there, gotten to only by knowing roughly where they should be and pointing-clicking there. (But it’s still a bother that log-in and log-out aren’t symmetrically handled – I still have to scroll down the pop-up menu from by avatar image to get to log-out.)

Thanks for that. Patience and progress go well together.


Don’t worry about the Theme. It seems clear that both themes have the same problem so the problem lies elsewhere. Blake had just upgraded to the latest version and that has probably caused it. We’re working on it.


Interesting. I just encountered the disappearing post phenomenon. I refreshed the page and that solved the problem (the disappeared posts reappeared). Windows 10; Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit); SC Legacy Theme.

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Mint 18.3; Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit); SC Material Design Theme.

Actually, I’ve found the material theme a bit buggy well before now and that it doesn’t seem to be able to cope too well with threads with images (the load goes all funny and then I’m jumped to a post from ages ago rather than the latest read post). By coincidence, I’ve only had this disappearing post issue on the Dhamma Doodles thread so far.

Same here, Windows 10, Chromium 67.0.3396.99

I can also no longer remove bookmarks from the Profile—Activity—Bookmarks. Removing works directly from posts though (not sure this is related to the latest site upgrade).

Correction: removing bookmarks directly from profile does work for some bookmarks but not for others.

Same here. Windows 10;Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit); SC Dark Material Design Theme
D&D site seems unusually slow loading at times today also.

Very shortly after your initial post Ayya @Vimala, I got an error message and the whole site was inaccessible.

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I had it on other threads too, but most consistently on the Dhamma doodles thread—maybe has something to do with pictures? (But it also happened with posts without pictures.)

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Yes, me too now.

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If anybody is interested, here is the discussion with the developers:


The disappearing post is still ongoing, is there any effort to fix it ?.


Yes, I asked @Blake to have a look at it but it is obviously not an easy problem as we do not know where the clash exactly takes place.

Thank you for the notification, I hope it can be fixed…

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Same problem here. Thanks for addressing it:-)

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It’s a bit of a complicated clash between the discourse update and our own plugins for specific uses. It might take a little while but you can always refresh the page and then it shows normal again.


Thank you Venerable Vimala.

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