Discourse Website doesn't stop "loading"

It is now at least one week, that the D&D-website has 2 new problems:

  • The website doesn’t stop “loading”, I stop that “loading”-sign manually.

  • It seems, the page-heads have now (sometimes?/erratically?) a preceding part where in typewriter-font(?) only “SuttaCentral” is mentioned. If this occurs, then also the page-header is about 2 cm longer (empty space) and I can repair this only by reloading the page. I didn’t see notifications of this by other users so far, so may be it is a very curious, but the more interesting, local disease at my computer (but I don’t believe this because I’m usually very aware what is going around with my system).

I have win7, 64 bit; firefox 74 ( the most current update always installed).

Upgrade to latest version of Firefox 75.0 or install Edge Chromium for Windows 7

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Ah, thanks. Took v 75 and now it seems to work properly again. (Usually I don’t like to update software every here&now, so I was apparently one week behind…)

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