Discrimination done by the Moderators

Though he said it, one moderator deleted my complaint against moderation.

It is obvious that moderation don’t like other users to see any feedbacks on the discrimination done by them.

I don’t think she is the only problem. May be she is just another one among moderators. (May be the best one, I don’t know.)

It seems moderators are trying to control our ideas overusing their power.

This happened to me ones. After watching similar incidents and some threads it can be clearly said that moderation or administration is feminist.

I have read some of their posts and articles (inside and outside the SuttaCentral) and also seen their interaction with other non-feminist users on this forum.

They and some other members (specially females) can be seen very confidently post against non-feminist ideas even if they comply with community guidelines.

When they tracking the history of users, they can identify users’ ideas in order to treat unfairly.

I am neither feminist nor masculinist but rather believe in the suttas.

And it is obvious (common sense) that this behavior has been continuing from a long time and I can imagine what has happened to previous non-feminist users.

A group of people with a certain set of ideas or hatred, can be seen ganged up and launch their agendas in a subtle manner.

I guess that the moderators or future moderators are selected according to the level of severity of their feminist ideas.

If you don’t allow others to post their ideas, what is the purpose of a forum?

I didn’t think this kind of extremism is going on under the name of Early Buddhist Texts or Sutta study.


The complaint was submitted by the member above, to Ven Sujato. It is only fair to allow that process to take place.

We need to be fair to all members and users of this community, including the moderators, and allow the complaint to take its due course without a public witch-hunt.

Please leave this issue alone until Ven Sujato has had an opportunity to respond.