Discuss and Discover option in Navigation tab disappeared?

Hello and thanks for this wonderful resource!

I had seen the Discuss and Discover option in the Navigation tab of the sidebar up until today; when I logged in from my phone and now my iPad it seems to have vanished, although Textual Data and chapters of the sutta are there. I even already had DN1 open to the sidebar when I fired up the iPad and saw the button, but when I refreshed it had disappeared! I do appreciate that resource and assume it’s either user or device error, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the heads up, @blake can you look into this?

Okay it’s back. A recent Discourse update broke it on the discourse side of things.

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Thank you! That’s a wonderful resource :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to visit the Donate page soon to help support your efforts here to preserve the dhamma.

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