Discuss & Discover tab in SuttaCentral panel


I’m not sure if this feature works correctly. Recently @Erik_ODonnell reffered to SA 261 in thread about upādāna, but there’s no link to this discussion in left panel on sutta website.


I’m not sure if this is the same bug or I should open a new thread.

I was looking at mn18 and noticed no items in Discuss and Discover. So I added a talk to the AV section, only to notice 4 other tags for this sutta.

Apologies if I needed to start a new thread

This indeed does not work any more since Discourse was upgraded. I had a quick look at it but could not immediately see the problem with the plugin. Since we are developing a completely new version for the site I do not want to do too much effort for this now. In the new version things should be working again.