Discussion or Discrimination?

What do you think ?
According to ebt ,
there were brahmins and others
when meet each other , they don’t
engaged in Discussion , but ,
they discriminates each
other instead . Attacking each
other and the rest .

Are these things happening
now a day in buddhism ,
and in this forum also ?

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I think this is a fair representation. The Aṭṭhaka Vagga is one of my favourite collections of suttas and I think a lot of it speaks well to your point - eg. the Paramaṭṭhaka Sutta (Snp4.5) and the Pasura Sutta (Snp4.8).

Alas, that is certainly the impression I sometimes have. In certain respects, I really struggle to understand it.


One view is that it is the nature of the (defiled) human mind to pick, and nit, and otherwise try to assert itself.


The other day I was asking
bhante a question , then
this fellow barged in and
being boorish , yet no one
seems to care , not showing
a little moral support , not to
say defending or anything
like that ,not even bhante .
Where is the right speech we
are talking about of it ? All these
is very superficial , no genuine
dialogue between so called
brother and sister of the
community , I wonder if one
can consider this forum is a kind of ?

All these things we are so
fascinating about the
dhamma is Theory only ,
nothing wonderful going to
be ever happened in our
lives in reality , and this is
the reality we are
living in , unfortunately !

Well , I can foresee now ,
why they says buddhism is
the first religion going to be
wiped out from this planet,
Sad thing to say .
Not because something had
happened to me , no , we can
see how the Muslims get
United whenever wherever
their religion and counterparts
being bully .

Buddhism being the religion
advocating peace, loving
kindness , compassion , metta ,
mudita , karuna etc , and you
can see these people are mostly
consider highly educated and
intelligent , but , alas , it seems ,
we became the " brahmins " of the modern day but tag with buddhist identity , don’t we ?

Well , Metta, Mudita Karuna
etc Is but a slogan only ,
it doesn’t goes into our lives .

Yes, respect is lost to conceit. My viewpoint first. There’s a respectful way to put a point across. Probably followed by ‘who are you to preach to me?’

The intention to non-harming (avihimsa) is lost to scoring points on a Dhamma forum and meanness.

Thank you James for the opportunity to let out some steam.

Think it is important to protect the good qualities within oneself and not loose it.

with metta


As a buddhist we really
believes in Buddha taught
principles , nevertheless ,
let not each other be the
victims of Mara , reigning us .
instead let the flowers of
mankind Flourish to the fullest .

Thank you for your kindness .
Sadhu sadhu !


It has always happened and it will always happen.
It is above all a valuable opportunity to work internally and individually on the first ennobling task of comprehending dukkha.
If at least we learn how to use these circumstances this way our time here is not lost.
If everything goes well it could even prove a helpful experience in regards to the second ennobling task, of letting go of the causes of suffering, and of course, the third ennobling task of developing the path (e.g. right thought, speech mostly).
The only caveat is that one should know that there are limits to the role a forum like this can and should have in one’s cultivation of the Path and verification of the Dhamma.
It can be a very painful mistake to take an online forum as the focus of one’s engagement in and practice of Buddhism. Life is much more than debating views or interpretations of what is or not found in EBTs.


To be frank, I have much more respect to martial arts practitioners than online armchair buddhists. At least the martial arts folks are honest. They have to. For they know they have to prove any claim that come out of their mouth right there inside the ring. Free sparring is a must-have component to any serious martial art because that is where the truth is examined and verified. Buddhist forums on the other hand has no such thing. Anyone and everyone can say or claim anything they want. And when being asked to provide backup suttas or supporting literature, at worst, they can always resort to accusing the questioner for being rude or discriminating and stuff; at best, they can always give excuses like only their cushion and their personal experience can prove their claim and so there’s no need for suttas or references. In free sparring, when being punched in the face, one doesn’t accuse his training partner for being rude or discriminating, he first questions himself about his level or mastery of the art and try to improve himself for next time. That’s how it works and that’s how one makes progress in any discipline.

Hi friend , if you don’t mind ,
are we supposed to be
in this situation , or forgotten
to read the guidelines to be
civilized to each other in forum.
Thank you .

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I don’t think so. But if we are, please feel free to provide exactly any quotes you think is “uncivilized” for everyone to see. Thanks.

Maybe your attitude in the highlighted section above was the trigger? I actually was trying to help you. If someone says nasty thing to me, I’d respond directly back to him/her, cite their exact quotes, and ask them to clarify the reason why they said such thing. I wouldn’t even bother opening a whole separate thread discussing discrimination issue in vague terms like you are right now. Be straightforward and to-the-point. The forum is not the place to make friends. It’s the place for info. sharing so that one can learn more about the Dhamma. I don’t know about you, but for me, if it’d take a little friction during discussion to get there, I wouldn’t mind. But that’s just me coming from a martial art background where “friction” is a requirement for progress.

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First of all, I am not your friend. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. We’ve only exchanged a few messages on an internet forum. Second, I don’t see any “aggressiveness” in responding directly to some nasty quotes and ask for clarification. If you think that’s aggressive, then do whatever you see fit. Just don’t complain about being bullied or discriminated since you’ve already made up your mind about what/how to do.

In keeping with the original post (and the forum’s purpose), it might be best to stick to framing this interesting area of discussion around the EBT.

If there is a particular concern with something that’s happened on this forum that goes against our community guidelines, it would be better to flag the post/s in question and raise it with the moderators.

Much thanks. :slight_smile:


Oh I see it now. That guy was right when he said you have big problems with delusion!

Hi friends, this exchange seems to have taken a pretty unpleasant turn that goes quite against our community guidelines so I’ve put a temporary lock on it while folks cool down. It will be re-opened in due course.