Disengaged Buddhism


I agree. For my own political engagement, I draw the line at breaking the five precepts, and I try to maintain equipoise (in all situations, not just politics) to mitigate clinging.

I disagree. If Hitler somehow came back and ran for office, the difference between allowing or not allowing him to gain power again would almost certainly change the course of a society. Who we allow to lead our countries matters.


I practice disengaged Buddhism by growing broccoli and tomatoes for food. I also vote for people who believe in such things.

AN10.28:4.5: ‘All sentient beings are sustained by food.’

Monks are fed by wheel-turning monarchs. We can’t all be Buddhas right here right now. Only one at a time.

One day, months from now, this may feed someone a single meal. It is broccoli:


I agree with Amod Lele. Being a true Buddhist, one should not get involved with socio-political activities, especially in this divided society.


@mickey I think “true” is a hazardous word.
It seems qualitatively different from “skillful” or “unskillful”, which can provide contrast and might be less condusive to alienation. Maybe those words are less hazardous, in conditioning one’s thoughts and speech? Perhaps because “skillful” suggests a continuum of regarding action, whereas " true" suggests a static “off/on” state…


Thank you very much for sharing your view.


Thank you for the same. :pray: I think it’s one way to practice for benefit for ourselves and others, a way to be the “good friends” which the Buddha so strongly recommended.