DN 32 Missing Content

Firefox 111.0.1 (64-bit)
Mint Linux 21.1

DN 32, section 2 is missing a very long verse. A large white space where there should be content.

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Well, it’s just a repetition of what was said before. The last sentence before the white space:

Then, when the night had passed, the Buddha told the mendicants all that had happened, repeating all the verses spoken. Then he added:

And after the white space comes what the Buddha added.

Correct, but the white space shouldn’t be there.

Something is happening where recently the browsers are keeping the space for empty elements. I have seen the same thing in other suttas. I might have even reported one.

I tested in Chrome and see the same thing. If I recall correctly, when I reported this a while back I only saw the error in FF not Chrome, fwiw.


Oh you’re right! I didn’t actually realize this, as my setting is always to bilingual, so the space is filled with Pali.

Yeah, it’s strange:

It’s happening other places too. E.g. MN132

OK, I found that when .verse-line.translation is not set to display: block the problem is solved:


The hilarious thing is that this markup was introduced precisely to solve this problem. And by hilarious I mean :scream:


Just say that the blank screen is a pause for meditation and call it a day. :slight_smile:


That works in so many cases!

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