DN33 Saṅgīti: Text, translation, and comments by Dion Peoples


This is an extended study, including text, translations, notes and comments. It is part of Dion Peoples’ Phd work, which he has kindly offered for SuttaCentral.

DN33-SangitiSutta.pdf (1.4 MB)


Hi, this is already an older post, and when I try to download the essay I get “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private”.

Any idea if there is still a way to read this essay?


I didn’t find Peoples’s (unpublished) dissertation, but I did find his “Buddhist Education: The History and Background of the Saṅgīti-sutta”. (Other work by Peoples is indexed at his Google Scholar profile.)


Thank you, Robbie! :pray:


I looked a bit more into the literature on the Saṅgīti-sutta. Professor Anālayo discusses this sutta with its parallels in The Dawn of Abhidharma, pp. 29-48.


This isn’t available online, by any chance… ?


Certainly is! :pray:


Much thanks! :bouquet: