DN34 Dasuttara Sutta retreat- Ven. Dhammajiva MT

I just attended a retreat with Venerable Dhammajīva MahaThero which was based around the Dasuttara Sutta DN34. The retreat was held in Siṇhala so we listened to the linked recordings but participated in the Q&As with Bhante in English.

Or on Archive.org

If you understand Sinhala you might enjoy the recordings from the retreat I attended which are just being uploaded now. There are some questions in there in English too.

I hope this is of benefit.


Thank you, Prasanna for the link.
Was it held in Austalia?
By the way, it is a great Dhamma discussion.
If anyone listens to this Dhamma series, can you share what you learn from the talk?

In Q&A 3 he says.
The mind is naturally bright. We are born enlightened.
Our nature is not to lie. Our nature is, to tell the truth.

I am not sure whether this is a right understanding.
The way I understand our mind is naturally defiled by Anussayas.

If you are listening to the Sinhala one that was recorded in Australia. The English one was recorded at Mītrigala Forest Monastery in SL.

I haven’t listened to the Q&As yet, but later in the dhamma talk portion he also talks about our dark underlying tendencies. He often said if we can see every moment with mindfulness we are enlightened. I’m not sure I can agree on that either but it depends on how he defines mindfulness.

It depends on what he meant by enlightenment.
Perhaps it is not Nibbana.
I think he meant Pabhasara.
This is why I like to see the word “Nibbana” to be kept untranslated.

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