Do any bored web devs feel like making a searchable version of GRETIL?

GRETIL has this great collection of Indic texts, I use it all the time.

The site is simple and reliable, but one great limitation is that there’s no search. I usually work with offline files and search locally. But it would be great to have an online searchable site.

Of course I might have missed something, let me know if there is a utility for this somewhere.

One trick will be to disambiguate the different versions of the same text, as GRETIL often has the same text in several markups.

Bonus for scraping relevant texts from TITUS and adding them!


You can do that search in BuddhaNexus. We have Gretil, DSBC and some from SuttaCentral. We’re working on a new version with more possibilities for search so you don’t get all Pali matches when you just want Sanskrit etc.


Oh, cool, thanks for letting me know, I’ll check it out.

By the way, have you ever discussed the TITUS texts? It seems to me an absurd situation. While the TITUS texts are good, the TITUS website is the pinnacle of unusability, an ancient, user-hostile deterrent to doing any serious work. Yet they claim, without any legal foundation, copyright over their Sanskrit texts, so they are not hosted on GRETIL. They include a number of important texts which are unavailable elsewhere, and are as good as locked away in a cabinet forever. I’d love to liberate the TITUS texts, just put them on a plain page like GRETIL, so they can be actually read.