Do devas and bhahmas have evolving technology?

Do beings in deva and brahma realms have technology that evolves over time, similar to human advancements like iPhones or cars? This might be a hard question to answer in the context of the EBTs, because they were created in what David Deutsch calls a “static society”, where the technological landscape remained largely unchanged across generations.

Maybe devas and brahmas don’t need technology as we understand it. Maybe the devas who delight in creating can just create whatever they want.

There are beliefs that Buddha could fly, levitate, walk through walls. Some even believed Him to be Omnipotent (and the Suttas clearly stated that He was Omniscient). So if the Devas have contact with the Buddha or similar beings like Him they could learn about how to be so similar, and Enlightened. With Enlightenment, the Highest Societal benefactors threshold tends to open. On the Higher Planets there is such amazing Spiritual Energy, such as in the Heavens, that I’m sure Spiritual Technology is easy to come by. However, since the Devas are also subject to suffering like people here on Earth, just to a less intense degree, they must have certain Yogic Technology that also evolved over time, there is a Sikh Scripture called the Siri Guru Granth Sahib which talks about Nirvana, and mentions World Systems and Yogic Technology. The Highest understanding of Technological Advancement probably does come from the Benevolent Devas, because they are the most Spiritually Evolved.

Ive wondered about this myself, particularly because if i ever have the opportunity to ask a higher being any question, it is going to be whether anyone in the Deva realms recorded the Buddha’s teachings…given they live tens of thousands of years in some of those realms, there are beings right now with living memories of the Teacher.

If any of you communicate with Devas, can you please ask them to give us a copy of any recordings or books they have…perhaps we are missing something in the teaching records we have which is stopping us from achieving enlightenment :slight_smile:

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