Does anybody get Pariyatti Pali Word a Day?

Some years ago I subscribed to a daily email “Pariyatti Pali Word a Day” where they send out a Pali word and English definition each day. I’m curious if anyone else here has any experience with this and how accurate the definitions are.

with metta

Yes, I also receive the Pariyatti Pali word of the day.
The definitions seem accurate.


I do not, but I’d bet they’re using the Concise Pāli Dictionary -

Which, iirc, is an English translation of a Burmese Pāli Dictionary. It’s not exactly inaccurate, but some of the word choices are a bit odd because of this. If possible, I’d always double check against Cone.

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I get it too. Concise dictionaries are useful for beginners as they (generally) present the most common meanings. But the simple definitions it gives are obviously partial, and I regret that they don’t offer examples of the word in a sentence.

That said, I can’t claim that I take myself the extra mile and look it up in the PTSD and in SC. :thinking:

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It’s my understanding that the Concise Pali-English Dictionary was written by A.P. Buddhadatta (1887-1962), a Sri Lankan monk, in 1957.

As a quick reference, I think the dictionary is fine. I have a version of it as an app (along with the English-Pali dictionary) on my iphone.

Ven. Buddhadatta is also the author of The New Pali Course, still useful, 3 volumes written c. 1937.

(Aids to Pali Conversation and Translation, c. 1951, is a fun book.)


That sounds like the same app I have?

I like it especially when I want to go from English to Pāli.


Yes- I think that’s it!
One app for P-E and E-P !