Does Arahant still have dreams?

Hi , which texts ie sutta or vinaya mentioned arahant still have dreams or even wet dreams .

I believe an Arhant can have dreams because thinking still occurs in an Arhant, and dreaming is a form of thinking while asleep.

Secondly, an Arhant can have bodily discharge as it is a natural physical process. The body produces some fluid, and that fluid can find its way out of the body.

Thirdly, an Arhant cannot have any sexual desire because the root of desire, kamachanda, has been uprooted. This is also true for an Anagami.

To my knowledge, there is no text that specifically mentions Arhants having wet dreams. it is impossible for Arhants having discharge induced by sensual thinking or desire.

Hi , does this means arahant are unaware of the discharge or has no control over the semen discharge while sleeping (assuming no dream) ?


It does not matter whether the Arhant is aware of the discharge or not. It can happen with awareness (being noticed) or without awareness (without being noticed). Just like sweat comes out of our body, it can occur with or without awareness. The essential thing is that there is no desire, not even a trace. This is how I understand it. However, an Arhant can truly explain this.

A guise of a desire can be there as a created illusion, created as a Skillful Means to keep demons away. An Arahant may have overcome Samsara, but Samsara does not bow to the Arahant, quite the opposite, it tries to overtake an Arahant at every moment. Having no desire is a reality for an Arahant, but if an Enlightened One chooses to accept the burdens of others on themselves, they can still have human emotions that seem unextinguished, when Nibbana has actually been reached. Nibbana is not a feeling you’re searching for, or a level of consciousness, it’s more of an Awakening to the Highest Compassion and Wisdom, Enlightenment can come during the saddest moment of your life in fact, because that’s when you may Realize how deep the Truth really runs.