Does Dāna in the suttas refer only to giving food and clothes to monks?

Most of the times I have seen the term refers to giving food, but could financially supporting a vihara be dāna? I mean donating money to the sangha, does this generate good kamma, or does it only apply if it is food?

Thank you in advance for your answers, metta.


Financially supporting a vihara is also dana, although the vinaya based way is to have the donation handled by the steward.

Anything allowable can be dana. See, for example, John Ireland’s translation of Iti 75. (Bhante @Sujato, did you really mean makeup in your translation?).

“Now what, bhikkhus, is the kind of person who rains everywhere? Here, a certain person gives to all. He gives food, drink, clothing, vehicles, garlands, scents, ointments, beds, lodging, and lamps to all recluses and brahmins, to the poor, destitute, and needy. This is the kind of person who rains everywhere."


Thank you very much for your answer, it was very helpful, by the way, do you know any way to donate money to the sangha? Any website?

Thank you very much for everything, sadhu sadhu sadhu sadhu🙏🏻


The Alliance for Bhikkhunis is probably the best way :slight_smile:


Thanks bhante :pray:t2: sadhu sadhu sadhu