Does SC Search have a 'dictionary only' function?

Dear SC

I have found SC to be the supreme research tool for the Pali suttas. I use it so often & am extremely grateful for the intelligence of its design.

However, I struggle to use the dictionary function. I place a word into the search and sometimes the dictionary entry appears. Other times only many suttas appear and I cannot locate the dictionary entry so I must used the PTS website.

Is there a method of using the SC dictionaries directly?

Thank you :seedling:


I’ve not encountered the problem you describe.
I normally get option to see suttas and dictionary as here ḍaṃsa
I then click dictionary box and navigate to here
Can you give an example word for us to try.


Yes, as a supplement to DaoYaoTao’s reply, to filter for only dictionary entries press the Dictionaries button.

Also, I sometimes find it easier to just do the search ‘via’ the URL:

To do directly to the dictionary entry:

To get a full list of dictionary entries including a search term:


Is there a way to just generally browse the dictionary?
should have a next and previous buttons as the sutta pages do.


Yeah, I agree. I also tried to figure out if that was possible a while ago, as I recall - no fruits out of that particular investigation. The closest thing is scrolling through adjacent terms, which isn’t quite the same.


You’re right, there is no dedicated dictionary search, apart from the “Dictionary” button mentioned above. This sometimes means an extra click or so to get to the dictionary entries. This is something that we could improve on in the next iteration: but I’m not sure exactly how if might work.

Given the nature of Pali, and the various spelling variations, it can be useful to see a bunch of words in context, as they are in the printed edition.

Some ideas:

  1. Dictionary browsing (maybe display ten previous and ten following entries, with a prev/next button also)
  2. Directly search dictionaries from search box (maybe via an “instant search” dropdown)

That would be good.

:anjal: Thank you DaoYaoTao :slight_smile:

I am satisfied with the button. Thank you all again. :seedling: