Doesn't the “cross-forum” activity fit right speech?

The above question is a result of the following comments in one of my posts.



My answer:

Then you have to make that is part of D&D terms of participation.
I have not seen any wrong speach by any of those cross forums I posted here.
It is no diffrent to I am quoting from some any othe resources.
Not only that, the cross forum posting stimulate the discussion.
To be fair I give the link to D&D in othr forums as well.

I also consider we are just one Sangha.

What is your opinion on this?

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Greetings Sarath, the only aspect that I was thinking of with regards to right speech, is not reporting other conversations had with people elsewhere, like the example with the Venerable. I feel (not speaking as a mod here) that we are all entitled to some privacy, and that we are not ‘all one sangha’ across the internet, ie not one community except in the very broadest sense. This started as my opinion, but I think the points you raised are fair enough. The place to start is to let the mods have a look and see. It may well be that no-one else thinks it’s an issue and then it just remains my personal view.



But what’s happend to my original post?

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Let me check it out… I think I may have accidentally pressed the wrong buttons :woman_facepalming: I may have to call of one of the more Tech sided admins. Please bear with me, and apologies my clumsy mistake :anjal:

It seems I accidentally made it into a personal message when replying… I’ll have it reversed ASAP


Just speaking for myself, I don’t have any problem with cross posts to Dhamma Wheel. I don’t usually follow them up, but others might be interested.


I occasionally reference relevant threads on Dhamma Wheel, but not the content.


sorry, my mistake - unnecessary post:)

Now I lost.
Can you clarify this incident please.

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