(Download for) offline use does not work

Tried to use SC offline. Does not work at all. Cache was cleared, offline history also, good wifi connection was available. Download stopped without information. May be 3-4 attempts.
no success
Samsung S2 Tablet with Android 7.0 Patchlevel Jan 2018
Newest chrome version from play store
Please advice
Thansks so much


Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry you can’t connect.

The issue is still uncertain, and some people seem to be able to use it fine, others not. For the time being, I would simply ask you to wait a little. We are about to embark on the first major update since our new version, and during the updating process we will be looking in depth at this issue. The updated version will be a few months away.


Hi Wolfgang,

welcome to the forum!

I just had the thought: As you are primarily interested in the German sutta translations you might as well use the download file of the old SuttaCentral for the time being. I think for the German there hasn’t changed much on new website so far.

You find it here: Downloads - SuttaCentral (scroll down to the bottom until you see “Offline SuttaCentral”).

I am having the same problem. And interestingly, since some time when going to the offline use page (of the new SC) I have two “Clear Download History” buttons—maybe that’s also interesting to know for Ayyas @sujato and @Vimala:

This is on both my devices, Android tablet and Laptop with (now) Ubuntu 18.04 (and was the same with 16.04). My browser is the newest version everywhere.


Ha ha, that looks bad! We will fix it.

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