Downloading whole nikayas is it possible? Problems with downloading offline S.C version

Hi I guess this is more for the admin people…
Is it allowable/possible to ask permission to be able to download say a whole nikaya? nikaya meaning the translations. The reason being doing it cut and paste style is time consuming and not every monastery has the internet…would be great help to me if it was possible? thnaks


You can download the whole site of SuttaCentral as offline SC: Scroll down until you find two different zip files to download. Once on your device you can use it like the online version.


The links only specify the vinaya (Horner) and the Sutta Nipata (Mills)
SabbaMitta@ is there more we can download?


Just scroll further down to the bottom of the page until you find “file” — “size”, and then 2 different files, one of 89.7 MB (.7z) and one of 400.8 MB (.zip). Download one of them, unzip it and you have SC offline.

See also further explanation here: Offline Sutta Central on Android tablet

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So now i have downloaded the ‘sutta central master data’ file, unzipped it but maybe it is the wrong file as there seems to be just tables/names of discourses in the ‘sutta file,’…?

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The offline files are either of these


By the way when will this offline snapshot updated?

One of the files is called “index.html”; click on that one, and SC will open in your browser—if you have a browser installed on your device. You do need one of course.

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So as it is now the offline S.C version has only a pali text and no translation…so is there any way of downloading the translations?

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Normally they should all be included in the file. Just like in the online version. Don’t know what went wrong here…

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Is this causing it…what should Bhante do? Should I click no or no to all as last time i clicked yes to all and there were no translations only pali…?
Does the offline version provide translations in other languages other than Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit etc… ??

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I have just sent you a link where you can download the Nikayas translated by B.Bodhi for free in case that is what you are looking for. If anyone else needs them PM or post here.

I highly appreciate B.Sujato effort with Suttacentral but until he arranges them into a book one day, reading them is not very practical. But they are very good for linking in posts, especially since there are big mistranslation problems with accestoinsight sometimes. Most people now quote from STC as a standard both on DW and here.

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Dear Bhante,

ohh… sorry, your screenshot is just so small, I can’t distinguish anything! And I am not a computer geek, just happen to know how to open this kind of file that represents a whole website… that’s already the end of my skills!

Very sorry that I can’t be of further help here. :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi Bhante, I’ve still another idea what the problem could be. Because it happened to me too one time… Instead of unzippping a zip file I tried to just open it, and that of course doesn’t work.

If you have downloaded one of the two files, either .zip or .7z, don’t double click on the folder you find now on your computer in order to open it. Instead right click on it so that you get a context menu, and there choose “unzip”, “unpack” or something along these lines. (On my computer this didn’t work with the .7z file for some reason, although I have a 7 zip software installed, but then I downloaded the .zip file—more MB unfortunately—but that one worked.)

Then you will get another folder. This one you can open with a double click now, and you will find among others the file called “index.html”. Double click on that one, and offline SC should definitely open in your browser!

Good luck! :heart:

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thanks sabbamitta@ i managed to unzip the files…but the translations available are still only pali tibetan and chinese is that normal?

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When I did it I had all the translations.

Probably this is rather a question for the admins here… Bhante @sujato? Ayya @Vimala?

Sorry everyone, I haven’t looked into the contents of the downloads for years, so I don’t really know what’s there. We are currently focused on our new site, and one of the key features is a much more advanced ability to use the site offline. So if the downloads currently don’t work for you, your options are:

  1. Wait till the new site is online (March?)
  2. Download what you want directly from Github:
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Is this functionality fully working already?