Offline Sutta Central on Android tablet

Hello Dhamma friends.

I am in the process of extracting the zip document found in Sutta Central downloads. Can anyone advise me on how to proceed in order to have a fully functional offline Sutta Central?



Hi @Zen1991,

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In order to use SC offline on your tablet you need to have a browser installed. When you have extracted the SC files you will find one called “index.html”. Click on that, and SC will open in your browser.

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@sabbamitta & @Zen1991 & @Vimala

Can you back up a step and tell me where to find the zip document & if there’s anythign else I need to know (technically quite iliterate here)

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Hi @Linda,

go to SC Downloads:, scroll down until you find “Offline SuttaCentral”. There are 2 different zip-files, “7z” and normal “zip”. The 7zip file is less data and easier to download, but for me it did not work to unzip it, but the “normal” zip file did. You need a software to unzip on your device.

Hope this helps!


Dear @sabbamitta
Thanks so much!

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Hi @Sabbamitta

Good to see you here aswell. Thank you for the kind assistance.