Dr Peter Fenwick - near death studies and Parallels with Buddhist beliefs

This video covers topics such as good death, hellish death, the need to relinquish everything, conscious, and the importance of preparing for death.


Thanks @Viveka. I actually had been meaning to watch this; now I really plan to:-)


Tremendously interesting. Thank you!

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Worth viewing!

I watched that video recently and found it fascinating, so I got interested in his work; however, after watching another video (link below) I felt he lost much of his credibility, in particular in his duscussion of ‘awakening’ and ‘non-dual consciousness’ at 6:05 YouTube

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Yeah, you just have to accept that what most people call “awakening” or “enlightenment” or “bliss” or even “a good time” just doesn’t even hold a candle to what we mean by those terms in Buddhism. And we can’t count it against muggles when they’re ignorant. We just have to recognize the difference.

For example, I have multiple times now had a good chuckle when a friend of mine has a strong manic episode, and then calls me up in excited tones telling all about their “enlightenment” and “spiritual awakening.” Hah!

But I understand where they’re coming from because, hey, I’ve been there too. So you just have to keep in mind where that person is and relate to them using their language and understanding. In this way we can (sometimes) gently guide people towards ever higher wisdom.


He also wrote a book on the evidence for past lives called … “Past lives”

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