Early Buddhism Course (2013) with Ajahn Brahmali & Bhante Sujato

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Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3


Thanks a lot for posting these videos.
Are the slides from this course available for download somewhere?


I have them but they are rather big. I will send it to you by email.


Ven Vimala, could you please share the slides with me as well?


Hello Niel, welcome to the forum!

The slides used in presentations are available on this forum (together with the download optimised audio from the courses)

Ayya @Vimala, if you have any material not included in the above topics, could you post them here (or PM me and I will try and prepare them for upload).


All we have is on our website

We also have French and German translations of the book and a talk plus slides by me in Dutch.



I will have a look and if I find anything missing I will add resources to the topics above.

Edit: all slides from the recorded Sydney courses are here, some BSWA slides are slightly edited and expanded.