Early Buddhism Workshop: Kamma and Rebirth III by Bhante Sujato


Kamma and Rebirth III by Bhante Sujato

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Part way through this talk Bhante Sujato mentions a sutta similis I haven’t been able to find
particularly this one
Karma and Rebirth Course (Workshop I - Part 3 of 5) - YouTube at 5.10
where someone experiencing rebirth ‘comes out of one house walks down the road and goes into another house’
does anyone know which sutta this is?

and als another similie
one at 3min.30secs Karma and Rebirth Course (Workshop I - Part 3 of 5) - YouTube a spark flying off metal

Karma and Rebirth Course (Workshop I - Part 3 of 5) - YouTube antaraparinibanna? is that what he said?

thanks folks

This is the standard simile for the second knowledge that came to the Buddha on the night of his enlighenment.

For example:

seyyathāpi, bhikkhave, dve agārā sadvārā. Tattha cakkhumā puriso majjhe ṭhito passeyya manusse gehaṁ pavisantepi nikkhamantepi, anucaṅkamantepi anuvicarantepi.
Suppose there were two houses with doors. A person with good eyesight standing in between them would see people entering and leaving a house and wandering to and fro.

Evameva kho, bhikkhave, bhikkhu dibbena cakkhunā visuddhena atikkantamānusakena satte passati cavamāne upapajjamāne hīne paṇīte suvaṇṇe dubbaṇṇe, sugate duggate yathākammūpage satte pajānāti …pe….
In the same way, with clairvoyance that is purified and superhuman, they see sentient beings passing away and being reborn—inferior and superior, beautiful and ugly, in a good place or a bad place. They understand how sentient beings are reborn according to their deeds.


AN7.55. It describes seven kinds of rebirth for non-returners, as well as extinguishment by not grasping. It uses the image of striking a hot iron pot and sparks flying off. Some sparks go out in mid air and some land on the grass.


Such a wonderful sutta!


You as well well find this term in AN7.55 linked above. :anjal:


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