Easy-beat translation question on "Thoughts"

Two questions are suspected to be coming at the same thing. The backdrop is the Linked Discourses on the Six Sense Fields. :eye: :ear: :nose: :tongue: :fist_right: :brain:

Q 1: Considering the 6 sense fields; there is a frequently occurring pairs array of “eye/sights…etc/etc…mind/thoughts”. I understand that “mind” as used in English EBT translations is not merely intellect but all our metaphysical aspects. In the same way, is it correct to take “thoughts” to mean not merely thinky thoughts but also emotions?

Q 2: The coarse 3-band hedonic tones of Vedanā :slightly_smiling_face: :neutral_face: :slightly_frowning_face: is not the ‘executive summary’ of emotions; Vedanā is more primal, ‘upstream’ of the mind. I believe I heard that somewhere, just looking to confirm it.

I feel like I should know this but hey.

“The Pãli term for “feeling” is vedanã, derived from the verb vedeti, which means both “to feel” and “to know”.1 In its usage in the discourses, vedanã comprises both bodily and mental feelings.2 Vedanã does not include “emotion” in its range of meaning.3
Although emotions arise depending on the initial input provided by feeling, they are more complex mental phenomena than bare feeling itself and are therefore rather the domain of the next satipatthãna, contemplation of states of mind.”—Analayo

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@paul1, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you :pray: