EBT-based retreat in Finland!

Hi everyone! :wave: :blush:

Ajahn Brahm’s long-time student Ajahn Nitho is coming to Finland in May to teach a one week meditation retreat. The retreat venue is in the countryside, easily accessible from Helsinki. All teachings will be given in English.

This is a great opportunity to get sutta-based meditation instructions from an experienced forest monastic, especially for people residing in the Baltics/Nordics. Currently living in Norway, Ajahn Nitho has already taught many retreats in other Nordic countries but this is his first time in Finland.

Read more and register here: Kreivilä 7 days retreat
FB-event: Meditoi kuin Buddha - Retriitti Suomessa /// Meditate like the Buddha - Retreat in Finland
Contact: mikkoasunta@gmail.com


Awesome, I hope you have a great retreat!


Thank you Bhante! :blush: Ajahn Nitho and his group is really doing a great job in Norway, they have a lot of cool stuff coming up: https://dnbf.org/en/


Nice to see you Mikko :slightly_smiling_face:
I didn’t realise who you were till seeing this post. Glad to see that things are going so well. All the very best to you.

Much metta :slightly_smiling_face: :pray: :sunflower:


Nice to see you Viveka! :wave: It’s nice to recognize familiar faces, hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet you again in-person as well, rather sooner than later. :blush: