EBT directory/list of suttas?


I’ve got two questions:

  1. I’m very new to this Early Buddhist Texts concept and I’ve been gleaning that some of the Pali texts (or the suttas?) are not EBT or may have been altered. Am I mistaken in this?

  2. More to the point: is there a list of currently confirmed EBT suttas translated into English that one can read (preferably within Sutta Central but elsewhere is fine) so that one can read through it themselves? I’d really like to start reading only within these parameters. Thank you!

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As I seem to do every now and then… Here’s the thread:



Ah thanks, seems like exactly what I needed. Now wondering if that post can get stickied somewhere for newcomers to find…

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It’s in the FAQ, which you can access from the :sandwich: menu at the top of every page:

Although, now that you mention it, the Q2 doesn’t really answer this specific question. Any thoughts, @moderators, on updating Q2 of the FAQ to link to that thread^ ? :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Makes sense…although honestly I would never have thought to check the FAQs (website users never do what we’re supposed to!).

Thanks again @Khemarato.bhikkhu :pray:

EDIT: never mind I realized the FAQs are in the Welcome post sheesh


And I don’t blame you! website FAQs rarely do what they’re supposed to either! :joy:

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The FAQ you refer to are a guide only to using the Discuss and Discover Forum so that would lie outside our remit.