EBT Podcasts for your isolation listening

I haven’t seen a podcast post recently. Could folks post their favorite podcasts that relate to EBT (Early Buddhist Texts)? I’ll try to update the OP with what people post. Others can feel free to do the same.



Although it’s targeted at kids, lots of adults find the following podcast useful as well:

Every episode is 28 minutes and includes taking refuges and precepts, a sermon or discussion, a meditation or paritta chanting, sometimes a sutta reading, and merit sharing. Detailed show notes give links to related resources.


My goodness! This is the such wonderful thing! Thanks so much for sharing!

Just one more reason why I’m thoroughly happy I was never inclined to disavow my inner infant, but rather consider it one of my better qualities. :grin:

That said, I couldn’t agree more about it being useful for folk of any age. For a long while I’ve been trying to find an accessible resources to recommend to people who say, “I just don’t understand the suttas” or report being off put by them in some other way. For myself, while I delight in the suttas just as they are, I still find the simplicity and overflowing feel of wholesomeness excellently uplifting!

Thanks again.


Hasn’t been updated in a while, but I like to listen to Ajahn Jayasaro



This Podcast from Tisarana is one of the longest running podcasts around


I’m sure most D&D visitors are aware of the Deeper Dhamma and BSWA podcasts, but there may be a few who aren’t. The Deeper Dhamma podcast is my favorite for dhamma talks, sutta discussions, and meditation retreat discourses. The BSWA podcast is my favorite for guided meditations, and I especially like the “Friday Night Guided Meditations”.