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I want to create a EBT based site for instructions to practice. Developing Right view would be part of it and want to have sutta/sutta portions followed questions to promote reflection. I want to have suttas as part of explanation of meditation practice. Links might include freely available documents by authors such as Ajhan Sujato, etc and connecting Discussions. I am considering including videos for meditation guidance as well. There would be a feedback option to allow for feedback on improvements to the site. Any thoughts on the how this could be achieved? @sujato.

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Maybe the attached will be of use. The video’s with Ajahn Brahm’s classes on this are available on Dhammaloka.

The Word of the Buddha.docx.zip (215.4 KB)


If you’re asking about the way to make a website then typical a platform like WordPress (or Joomla or Drupal) is the way to go, deployed on shared web hosting.

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Thanks @Vimala @blake

I think I will get myself set up.

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