EBTs on awakening without needing to wield psychic powers

Hello everyone. I kind of remember that there are some EBTs which say that a disciple can become awakened without the need of wielding psychic powers. However, I forget the exact texts. Does anyone know an EBT or two where this topic is discussed?

*Edit: I don’t know if this is just my confused memory but I think there are some EBTs where the Buddha says that psychic powers are not necessary for awakening, or something along that line.

*Another edit: my topic is moved from Q&A to Discussion again (now I moved it back). This is the second time that this happens to me. This is not meant to be a discussion topic at all. I simply asked specific questions and would like to get answers to them. My questions are neither open-ended nor primarily opinion-based. I do not appreciate this intrusion one bit. If anyone is going to move my topic to somewhere else, please give me an (good) explanation or two first. Otherwise, please refrain yourself from rudely moving my topics at your own whim without any good explanations.

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You may be interested in MN70:

Mendicants, these seven people are found in the world.

What seven?

One freed both ways, one freed by wisdom, a personal witness, one attained to view, one freed by faith, a follower of the teachings, and a follower by faith.

For example, one freed by wisdom may not have the psychic powers.


In SN 12.70, a number of monks who had declared arahantship in front of the Buddha are questioned by Susīma about whether they have various supernormal powers or the formless attainments, and they answer that they do not.


AN 9. 44 describes the attaining of jhana and release through discernment, without the subsidiary attainments.


DN.11 too offers a similar view.