Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Hi all, I’m just canvasing opinion.

I want to make some (automated) links to reasonably reliable sources which give an overview of mainly non-EBT, but Buddhist encyclopedic words and phrases. For example Ratnāvalī (Precious Garland), Visuddhimagga and Jātakamāla, perhaps Xuanzang and Nāgārjuna. That sort of thing.

I’ve come across a wiki called https://www.encyclopediaofbuddhism.org/ which looks like it would be a good resource and a bit better than maybe Wikipedia? Has anyone got anything to say about the quality of information on this site? Are there other sites that I should consider looking at too?

Many thanks in advance

I don’t know anything about the site you linked to, but I believe Bhante @Sujato is a big fan of https://www.wisdomlib.org/

Also, this is a little sus:

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