English translation of Ajahn Jayasaro's "Upalamani"?

Does anyone know of an English translation of Ajahn Jayasaro’s biography of Luang Por Chah, “Upalamani”? I’ve been looking through the original Thai book but can only relate to the wonderful art and photos since I can’t read Thai.

The book is supposed to contain anecdotes and reminiscences from Luang Por’s disciples. Every time I come across an anecdote or an event around Luang Por, there’s humour, depth, warmth, and learning. I’d love to read “Upalamani” in English for those rare insights.

For example, there’s probably a funny story behind this scene with a sharp reply from Luang Por

Thank you.



From the preface:

Stillness Flowing has an important precursor. In 1987, while Luang Por lay seriously ill, I was asked by the Elders of Wat Pah Pong to write an official biography. The book was to be distributed at his funeral, whenever that might be. It was a great honour but an intimidating one. I was not confident that my Thai prose style was up to the task. Eventually, however, with the help of fellow Thai monks, and one very skilled nun in particular (who has always insisted on her anonymity), it was accomplished; the book was published in time for Luang Por’s funeral in January 1993. To compensate for my shortcomings as a writer, the text emphasized Luang Por’s own words and the transcribed testimonies of his disciples. I gave the book the name, Upalamani – a play on words. It means both ‘Jewel in the Upala Lotus’ and ‘Jewel of Ubon’.

Stillness Flowing features numerous passages translated from Upalamani, in particular many of the anecdotes and reminiscences of Luang Por’s disciples. The most obvious difference between the texts is the exclusion here of a number of full-length Dhamma talks (now available in translation elsewhere), and most of the photographs. At the same time, a large amount of social, cultural, historical and doctrinal content that I did not consider necessary to supply for a Thai audience, has been added to this English biography, as have new sections of analysis.


Thanks @Snowbird I’ve been listening to “Stillness Flowing” on podcast and that’s where I found the reference to Upalamani.

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