English Translation of Chinese Agamas


Lovely! Thanks!


My initial work on the Samyukta Agama has begun to a bear some fruit. I decided to work on the portion that’s parallel to the Pali Samyutta 45 as a project, and I posted the first three sutra translations of Nos. 748, 749, and 750 to my blog tonight. This section of the Chinese Samyukta spans Nos. 748 to 800, which I’ll be slowly posting.

The work on Madhyama Agama Nos. 7-10 is ongoing. I have MA.7, 9, and 10 drafted and working on MA.8 in my multitasking way.

I’ve also devoted some time to Chu Fonian’s Taisho 212, which is the second Chinese Dharmapada with avadana-style stories serving as commentary to the verses. I posted story Nos. 1, 2, and 3 last week from that text as well.



Given that BDK already has the first 71, out of curiosity, why did you decide to do the MA in order?


It began with re-editing my older translations, which were mainly at the beginning. Then I decided to translate the first section of 10 sutras to round it out. When I reach MA.10, I’ll probably focus on editing the other old translations. Are there particular sutras in MA you’d like to see translated? Working on the material after MA.71 does make sense in the short run.


Ah that makes sense!

:thinking: I guess I, personally, am interested in the MA sutras after 71 which have no parallels in the Pāli: teachings by the Buddha with no English version at all right now. What are they about?!

But that’s just me! No need to do things my way! Please keep following your own muse… I’m just happy you’re working on them at all :heart:


Dear @cdpatton,

May I have your translation of Chinese Agamas translated into Indonesian if they have been in stable version? I have translated English translations of Chinese Agamas from Analayo’s work into Indonesian, but it isn’t complete yet, so perhaps I can make the Indonesian translation from your work for the rest. Thank you :anjal:


Certainly. There’ll be the possibility of changes in the future, as I’ll be editing the drafts for consistency as I go, but feel free to translate the free versions published here or on my blog.