English Translation of Chinese Agamas


Sorry I was thinking ,

七處 SA 42


七處善 look like a short ,
七处善知 ? Conversant of seven cases
七处善巧 ? Skillful in seven cases

other texts :

七處熟練 proficient in seven cases
七處為知 learned in seven cases
七處為覺知 discerned in seven cases


Hi, Gene!

We created a thread for this project like Knotty36 pointed out. You’re welcome to help out. It seems like we found the sutra parallels that exist in Chinese. I had searched for 七處 in the Agamas, Avadana, and Abhidharma divisions, and that list was all I could find that was remotely related. EA 41.3 seemed to use a title that was close, but the content is completely different, as you rightly pointed out. But there may be something that I missed.

For the title in SA 42, I’m thinking 善 means 善巧 (kusala). The Pali term (sattaṭṭhānakusalo) reads in the same order as the Chinese, so I think it’s a literal translation that sounds awkward.


Thanks so much for the update, this is great news. I really hope we can get Bilara in a usable state very soon so we can start porting your translations there!

I’m glad Jekyll is working out for you.

Fantastic, I hope we can support you in this.

BTW, Charles, will I be seeing you in the US? I’ll be in LA, SF, and NYC in the next few weeks.


Certainly, I’d like to meet while you’re here in LA. I’m not sure if I can make it to the Dhamma Talk you have planned. Let me know if there’s other arrangements that could be made.


I’ll put you in touch with the organizers.