English translation of MĀ 72?


Does anyone know of an available English translation of MĀ 72?


I not sure if a free online translation is available, but there is a detailed comparative study with Pali sutras by Ven. Analayo:

Please refer MN128 in the pdf file where Pali version is compared to MA 72.


Yes, thank you, Ravi, I have that book and have read the comparison. But I’m interested in reading the full text of MĀ 72.


That’s a lengthy text (7 pages of Chinese). Was there something in particular you were interested in about it?


I’m interested in seeing for myself how it compares with MN 128, not just in general but in how things are worded. In particular, I’m interested in the section on his visit with Anuruddha and his companions.


It turns out this is the next MA sutra after the BDK’s first volume of their translation. I’ve decided this year I’ll translate only untranslated Agamas, and this is next on the schedule as a result. Hopefully I’ll have something to release in a couple weeks.


Here’s a translation of MA 72. It’s a bit wordy in places, but it’s very similar to MN 128. The main difference is that it has the avadana story and the story about the Buddha encountering an elephant like the Theravada Vinaya account does. There’s also more at the end about the three concentrations.


Thank you for so generously sharing your translation, Charlie. For the past three weeks I’ve been managing a crisis with my father, who has Alzheimer’s and was recently abandoned by his wife. As a result, I haven’t been able to be on the forum much at all, so please forgive my lack of responses lately. Once things settle down, I’d like to go through your translation more carefully and maybe ask some translation questions, if you don’t mind.


Certainly, Christopher. Take you time.