English translation of the Petavatthu uploaded

I’ve uploaded translations of the Petavatthu by Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thera from the book Stories of Ghosts from the Petavatthu. With much gratitude to the Venerable for making this available to us and to the volunteer who coded it. :pray:

For more information visit mahamevnawabm.org.

We hope to get the entire set at a later date.


Anyone interested on the topic of making offerings on behalf of the deceased will find this interesting:

And much more!



Thank you Venerable Vimala!

Is that the first English translation of the Petavatthu that is copyrights-free?

The copyright is with Mahamegha Publications. So it is not free from copyright.


Ah ok, I should have checked the ‘Publication Details’! :blush:

In any case, this is great, being one of the canonical book that was still unavailable in English on SC.

I hope a translation of the Petakopadesa will be available one day… some of Frank’s notes from this book picked my curiosity about its content.

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