English Translations of Pāli Commentaries on Canonical Texts

Hi, Dharma Greetings!

Does anyone know whether there are other English translations of Pāli commentaries on canonical texts other than the following?

• Buddhist Legends Translated from the Original Pāli Text of the Dhammapada Commentary, 3 parts – trans. Eugene Watson Burlingame (1921)
• The Clarifier of the Sweet Meaning (Madhuratthavilasini): commentary on the chronicle of Buddhas (Buddhavaṃsa) – trans. I.B. Horner (1978)
• The Commentary on the Itivuttaka, 2 vols. – trans. Peter Masefield (2008-2009)
• The Commentary on the Verses of the Therīs – trans. William Pruitt (1998)
• Debates Commentary: Kathāvatthuppakaraṇa-Aṭṭhakathā – trans. B.C. Law (1989)
• The Dhammapada: A New Translation with the Pali Text and First English Translation of the Commentary’s Explanation of the Verses with Notes Translated from Sinhala Sources and Critical Textual Comments – trans. John Ross Carter and Mahinda Palihawadana (1987)
• The Dispeller of Delusion (Sammohavinodanī), 2 parts – trans. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli (1996)
• The Expositor (Aṭṭhasālinī): Buddhaghosa’s Commentary on Dhammasaṅgaṇi – trans. Pe Maung Tin (1921)
• Elucidation of the Intrinsic Meaning: so named the commentary on the Peta-stories (Paramatthadīpani nāma Petavatthu-āṭṭhakathā) – trans. Uba Kyaw (1980)
• Elucidation of the Intrinsic Meaning: so named the commentary on the Vimāna stories: Paramatthadīpani nāma Vimānavatthu-aṭṭhakathā – trans. Peter Masefield & N.A. Jayawickrama (2007)
• The Inception of Discipline & the Vinaya Nidāna: Being a Translation & Edition of the Bāhiranidāna of Buddhaghosa’s Samantapāsādikā, the Vinaya Commentary – NA Jayawickrama (1962)
• Minor Readings and Illustrator of Ultimate Meaning (Paramatthajotikā) – trans. Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli (1960)
• Udāna Commentary (Paramatthaīpani), 2 vols. – trans. Peter Masefield (1994 & 1995)

Many Thanks.


That’s a good list, I don’t have anything to add to it off the top of my head. I do know that Ven Bodhi is working on a translation of the Sutta Nipata commentary, but this is not yet published.


Thank you, Bhante. Hope Venerable Bodhi will publish it soon.