Epithets for Nibbāna in the Pali Canon

I just came across this article listing all the epithets for Nibanna used in the Nikayas. The list was published in a 2006 edition of the BPS newsletter.


Hopefully folks find this interesting and useful to broaden their understanding.


Under essays would be better, I think.

That newsletter has a nice article by Ven Nyanatusita on global warming, too!


Wonderful! Thank you very much, @Pasanna! I expected a much shorter list, for some reason, but this list seems to be pretty comprehensive.

I read the global warming article as well, @sujato, and was puzzled by the lack of mention of the impact of industrialized farming, which accounts for far more impact than fossil fuels alone. Especially from a Buddhist perspective, this seems to be a glaring omission from an otherwise well written article.


Well, there’s just so many things! Sure, yes, industrialized farming is a huge problem. As is acidification of oceans, thawing of tundra, burning of forests, and so it goes. But I agree, we should be paying more attention to farming and the contribution of meat production, especially beef, to global warming. :cut_of_meat::-1: :broccoli::+1:

This was an interesting detail that I wasn’t aware of:

Statistical research in the Netherlands has shown that when fertilisers and pesticides first started to be used on a large scale in the 1950s, church attendance in farming communities drastically dropped because farmers no longer needed to solicit the help of God for a successful harvest.



My own favourite seems to be missing from the list…

“An ancient city, an ancient royal capital” (purāṇa nagara, purāṇa rājadhāni).