ePub and donation function through mobile phone doesn’t seem working

Dear Admin of SC,

The new version of SC looks great :slight_smile: it’s intelligent, functional. Love the emphasis on typography and font choices.

Currently, I have encountered these two issues when browsing and using the website. I’m currently on iOS.

  1. The ePub books can not be downloaded can the moment

  2. Donation using stripe through mobile phone(iOS): When I hit ‘donate with card’ it doesn’t proceed. It means the website doesn’t response and go the the next page. I have used different iPhones(currently, IPhone SE 2nd gen) and web browsers for trying (opera and Safari).

If it’s on PC or laptop. Then it doesn’t cause any problem. However, due to i don’t have a computer at the problem. It would be nice if it can function on iOS.

I hope our great web dev team can look into it so the experience can be enhanced. Or i would love to know the alternative ways to work around it?


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Welcome @tinhoi. I’m sure someone techhie will come soon and respond. Meanwhile please ask more questions if you wish, or direct practical enquiries to @helpdesk-dd.

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Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I believe they are both known to the developers to be broken.
Regarding the epub, you can get good but somewhat out of date versions from this website:


Speaking of which, when will the new Vinaya translation be ebookified?! :slight_smile:

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