EPUB & Kindke Itivuttaka: So It Was Said, in English, Pali & English, translated by Bhikkhu Sujato

Amid all of the excitement of the new layout and features of the MArch 2021 update to SC, the fact that there are three new translations by Bhante Sujato seems to have been lost.

Here is one of them, the Itivuttaka, available now as Epub and Kindle books, both English only and Pali & English.


I have updated the Pali-English document so that for the verses, the Pali lines are all grouped together followed by the English lines. Often the verse translation does not match line by line, so I think overall it’s easier to read this way.

As always, please report errors with the format of the ebook itself here in this thread, but otherwise report translation errors in the latest error feedback thread, usually pinned to the top of the feedback category page.

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