Error in MA 2 third jhana formula (Charles Patton trans.)


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Thanks, everyone. I wasn’t looking for the notes of support, but it never hurts to hear them occasionally. I was just setting boundaries. I can’t control what people say or believe, but I can make it clear when/why I won’t be engaging further.

Translation work is difficult enough without the threats of karmic retribution. What I always wonder is how these people aren’t worried that they may be misleading translators to make mistakes? They’d probably be a little more careful if they thought it through. But, of course, it’s just a passive-aggressive way to harass people, so that doesn’t occur to them. I still remember the time another translator told I was going to hell for xyz “mistake.” It must be nice to have a direct line to Yama.

Anyway, such is life. My main trouble is just finding a way to actually translate these texts, which includes all the research and editing required.


That’s KING Yama to you!

I joke, of course.


A deluded mind might not see the impermanence of it’s own views, and as such won’t see this as a mistake. :rofl: Beware righteousness :rofl:
Many thanks for your dedicated work and really inspiring level of generosity :pray:


Dear @cdpatton ,

Translation is such a difficult and exhausting work - especially for the vast buddhist corpus.
Wishing you mental strength to do this as much as you can

Translation work is difficult enough without the threats of karmic retribution.

Since you do not intend to purposely mislead, you needn’t worry :slight_smile:
If you understand the text a particular way, that’s how you translate it.
Nothing wrong with that.It is your translation, after all.
As long as you put forth your methodology/reasons in brief, engagement can end there;
If someone wants you to do the perfect translation which is doctrinally acceptable to everyone, then it might be never ending work like Samsara!

Thanks for your work,


Hi cd & guys

For your reference :

Three bliss birth state ,
there are beings of such bodies ,
with distancing
(from unwholesomeness)
give rise to rapture and bliss 生喜樂 …


Thanks for your support here @Viveka , @Nadine
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Sadu! Great point.


I thought the critical posts seemed strangely familiar. Now I know why.


Yes, that is what I imagined, a sock puppet situation. How tragicomic! :man_shrugging:


You are right. I was going a little too fast. It’s the same as the description of the first dhyana, as that’s how one access the first set of Brahma heavens which the passage is defining (and which SA 484 is referencing). SA 484 continues to another of the three pleasant births with the one accessed through the third dhyana, and then to the formless realms accessed through the formless samadhis. It’s pretty clear when you compare these passages.

Thanks for the correction!