Ex vivo lungs - Asubha for Anapanasati?

Ex vivo lungs - Asubha for Anapanasati?


that’s great, we need more of these type of video links.
now that high bandwidth internet is common, and 1080p 60frame per second video cameras are cheap, it’s just a matter of time before we have plenty of inspiring asubha videos.

one of my favorite clips shows worms from colonoscopies moving around in the intestines.

what i’d really love to see is footage from real charnel grounds in asia with corpses in various stages of decay, in HD.

what technology still hasn’t solved for us though is divine smellovision. without the puke inducing stench of corpses, ultra 4k HD video may look just like the real thing, but it’s not going to be nearly as impactful as personally visiting a charnel ground, imbibing the stench of death and really taking it in. is there a divine nose? i’ve heard some advanced meditators say taste and smells can work the same way as divine eye and sound.

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For smell asubha, I recommend public bathrooms, particularly portable outhouses during large public events. Those especially allow the opportunity for some additional visual asubha if you look inside! image