Excluded from the path?

Yeah! Those recordings are great! I used them as the backbone for OBU’s Buddhist Philosophy Course.

Note, though, that a few things have changed since the 1980s: for example, Bhikkhu Bodhi spends a lot of time in one lecture explaining why the Bhikkhuni order can’t be revived :grimacing:

So, in addition to adding a few disclaimers to things like that, my OBU course also points out related suttas and essays and reflection questions, so you might want to check it out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: #marketing :rofl:


Thank you very much Ven, for pointing those things out :pray:t2:


Love BB’s audio recordings. I and a friend have been working through this long set

So it’s rather nice to be pointed to a shorter group. :smiley:

Thank you very much. I will make this listening a priority in the coming week.

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There is also this upcomming series of workshops that will be live streamed. This will cover each of the factors of the Noble 8 fold path in detail. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions :slight_smile: This may be even more useful as it will also focus on practice and practical application.


@Gillian … something wrong with the link … I try several to download the pdf but all end-up in ‘corrupted-file’ … Any other links recommendation? Thanks

Link is working for me… :pray:

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It still works for me, but try going to this URL and looking for it in the list of all his books: Dr. Bhikkhu Analayo : Numata Center for Buddhist Studies : Universität Hamburg

good luck!

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Thank you @faujidoc1 and @Gillian … have it already


Hi Sabbamitta. I have come across the ‘blind and deaf’ details. Page 225 of Analayo’s Satipatthana, The direct path to awakening. It’s not exactly as I’ve stated but deals with sense restrain. I may have embellished it somewhat in my untrained mind initially, but it’s interesting all the same.