Experience seeking


Now wash your mind. --not-Joshu

Displeased, the monks did not delight in the Blessed One’s words.


Rohitassa Sutta cited in the OP. :slight_smile:


If this is true then we can also “see” that we don’t find ourselves, and that is on the spot, isn’t it, and if that’s true then the problem is solved by itself …


It’s important that we don’t lose the context of what we are saying to each other. The context of what was said is found in the reply as a whole.


I’ve mentioned or pointed to what I know by experience to lead to best practice, and that is not by believing or relying on self. If it’s needed I will find some gems from who I consider to be “my Teacher” (LP Sumedho), and let him clarify further.

His whole life and teaching career has been around T4NT, and first stage of enlightenment (personal view). And whatever I say is based on my understanding and continuous practice, of his understanding of Lord Buddhas teachings. That is not to say i won’t take responsibility for my own faults.


You say “Rohitassa Sutta” in the OP but don’t provide a link, or a reference. This is the discussion forum of Sutta Central, is it not? I searched for Rohitassa in the Sutta section. There are three suttas that it might be AN 4.45, AN 4.46, SN 2.26. At least one of them has more than one English translation.


I apologise for that, when it comes to the linking I am not sure how to do that. The quote is from the ‘Ajahn Sujato’ translation on this site.


From the sutta page that you were reading, you can just grab (copy and paste) the http address from your web browser address line and paste it into your posting.

like this:

another very cool trick not clearly documented, if you know what sutta you want to look up, you don’t have to click through all those layers of navigation and just type into your web browser address line “




@frankk A couple of cool things I just noticed due to this post.

  1. You left out the https:// part, so it is not a complete address. The forum software doesn’t replace the link with an image, but it is still clickable. According to the experiment I am doing just now, this appears to happen automatically. I assume it only works with addresses.
  2. The same effect is possible with “deep links” to individual segments, e.g. However, when you click, it doesn’t use the fragment identifier (part following the #) to navigate into the sutta to the section of interest.


Amusingly, because you had typed my name here originally, it caught my attention :smiley: .

  1. I was wondering about “left out the https part”. SC might simply recognize a URL sans HTTP header automatically. It also works with

  2. I also would like deeplinking to text segments, but it’s probably a “nice to have” rather than a must have given on-page search via CTRL-F. For assisted users, however, this is probably a more critical issue.


I’m afraid if I mention it, I will be asked to implement it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you for volunteering. :pray:


It’s a path of meditation and practice and the it ends with pleasant experiences arising from reducing desires, anger and delusion.