Faith and Doubt


Which sutta is true is found with the heart.


May be a part of the light show.

Because the distances between the stars are so great compared to their sizes, few if any stars in either galaxy will actually collide. Any life on the worlds of that far-off future should be safe, but they will be treated to an amazing, billion-year long light show.” NatGeo

Also there are satalite galaxies moving arround major galaxies, they mostly orbit but sometimes swallowed by major galaxy. These kind of events also have some possibilities.


What do you think about the other suttas I mentioned?


Exactly. Speculating about things we cannot truly know is something the Buddha warned us against. He taught suffering, and how to see to it’s end. That is what we should focus on.


First, I would say all your beliefs are based on your acceptance. If you really want to believe you can make theories. That is what scientists do, even commentators.

Perhaps this and other realms, kale Anavatapta, etc. belong to dark matter and dark energy which we cannot yet detect.

about the chakkavati
If there are other realms with higher prosperity, I think itis possible in the human realm as well. But not in our lifetime.
Touching sun and moon,
Chandima suriya suttas and several other suttas (mahasamaya) are suspected as later additions to prove the Buddhas superiority.

Jambudvipa is not india. It was considered 16 kingdoms etc, most according to commentaries.
There are other planes aparagoyana, uttarakuru … that we have no idea where they are. There are several assumptions about them but not clarified.
History is collecting pieces of a shattered glass, putting them tohether to get the glass is impossible. Therr are just theories about the history.

This also moght be possible. Beings in diferent realms are born in the particular realm due to the state of mind. When the mind become cleaner the mind become cleaner making the body more amd more subtle . When the human population is more righteous their bodies become more suble. When the bodies are subtle they can see more subtle things. Thats why at the Buddhas time there were many encounters with devas. Now the society is evilfool where our senses are limited and bodies are coarse. Also when the body is subtle their body size increases, metabolic activity slows down maling lower antioxidants and byproducts; longer lifespan. If the gods are having longer lifespans, humans can. They just need advanced minds.


Consciousness can tune in to whatever frequency is there. It’s all about seeking in the bandwidth. I’m a :radio:


Ok, but I think when you want to believe instead of wanting to find the truth, then you are already biased and its hard to find the truth then.


How can a fragmented mind find TRUTH?


that text is only about nibbana, it says nothing aboutother topics…


All text’s point to nibbana.


But this book is only about the similes that are about nibbana.

My post was about things that are false in the suttas and he said these were similes and posted this book, but it had nothing to do with what my post was about, that’s what the sentence you quoted is about.

Also not every sutta points to nibbana…


What I mean is a general point. There are a lot of metaphors. Things are not always to be taken literally. I apologize if I am failing to make that point clearly


Then why, didn’t the buddha use metaphors that are about real things?

For example: “the sun is so big it…”, “the moon seams to glow, but actually it just reflects the suns light, and that is like…”, " the earth seems like a flat surface, but it is actually round and that…", " The universe is so big, each star you see is actually a sun, it is like…" If the buddha was omniscient he certainly knew all that.

It seems unlikely that the buddha chose nonsense instead of the truth as a metaphor.

I think it is possible, that many suttas aren’t the buddhas words…


Any mind is also fragmented, so who is to trust?


Sorry, i don’t understand your question.


Do you trust your mind?


The Buddha was a human being like you and I before he reached enlightenment. Many people like the idea of him being god-like or special in someway but he was just a human. He used common spiritual metaphor and lingo because a lot of that was common speak then. Obviously he did not have the tools and science to properly understand how the moon reflects light, etc. But, none of that is helpful in the development of a Dhamma practice. I do understand your questions though. The truth is a lot of questions we ask ourselves and others just do not matter.


Historical context may be annoying, but how could any actual being teach outside of it? To do so would be ineffective, and perhaps cause lasting harm to establishing Dhamma and Sangha, which have been beneficial for many over centuries.
In this era, for instance, such non-context-appropriate scripture might lead to theories of the Buddha being an extraterrestrial alien; which might well have the same effect as other can’t -be-human theories, i.e. invalidating that Awakening was or could be a human achievement, from diligent efforts.


Apparently everything is relative, fragmented, metaphorical, and science is just a belief system.
And from my window the earth also looks pretty flat.



then you are already biased and its hard to find the truth then

Yes, there is a limit to our senses. Beyond that what we got is only theories.

“Aparāpi tisso paññā – cintāmayā paññā, sutamayā paññā, bhāvanāmayā paññā.

When we have first two, we can make it out to the last. First two are vital to achieve the last. Satipaṭṭhānasutta and related explaination in patisambhidhamagga would be enough to practice meditation . Put this first, then the rest.